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The guide was developed to aid teachers in planning and developing programs in personal finance education which will prepare students to function as intelligent consumers. Three case studies illustrating common consumer problems are followed by the body of the guide, focusing on five major topics and incorporating economic, social, and physical factors needed for developing consumer skills.Your personal finances are uniquely yours and depend on your income, expenses, hitting both short and long-term financial goals, as well as budgeting for your lifestyle. We’ll discuss ways to manage your money, as well as the basics of financial literacy and ways to limit debt, and how to use credit cards wisely.Personal Finance Curriculum Guide. Description: Understanding and managing personal finances are key to one’s future financial success. This one-semester course is based on the Missouri Personal Finance Competencies and presents essential knowledge and skills to make informed decisions about real world financial issues.In The Infographic Guide to Personal Finance, you will learn all the skills you need to make good financial decisions and grow your personal wealth.As shown below, the main areas of personal finance are income , spending, saving, investing, and protection. Each of these areas will be examined in more detail below. #1 Income Income refers to a source of cash inflow that an individual receives and then uses to support themselves and their family.Welcome to the comprehensive course on A Personal Finance Guide: Save, Protect, Grow in Recession. R Tutor is a team of training professionals who explain complex information in the simplest form with relevant examples. This course helps you secure your finances and long gained prosperity. The course has been proven to set in motion the right .

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