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hello everyone it’s michelle today i’m going to be showing you my formal living room and if you remember from my family room tour i have pretty much swapped where the family room was with the formal living room and vice versa and i will be showing you in the next video what i did.

With the family room area now i’m gonna allow this tour to play to music but everything you see in the video where it came from and how much it cost will be listed in the description box.

And guys if you like home decor decorating or if you’re just trying to turn your house into a home go ahead and click the subscribe button so you don’t miss out and at the very end of this video i’m going to be telling you how i can help you decorate your room.

Virtually i have an online e-design website where i can design your room for you so i’ll i’ll put the information about the website at the end of the video and in the description box so guys enjoy the tour say hello in the comments let me know if you have any questions and i will get back with you.

Enjoy the tour and i’ll see you in the next one i’m sorry for what i have put you through i still have you on my mind my focus been drifting away from you.

Just wasn’t an hour time you can say you could say who you want but i know you hurt at lose might not be enough just tell me how i can make things.

what we had oh almost like i don’t know if it’s real cause when we’re doing our thing where the wheels that won’t stop turning so take me on a trip drift drift.

Drift drift drift oh i flick the switch kill the lights city lights are all shining empty faces we don’t care about them tonight but going out of ourselves can you feel it almost like i don’t know if it’s real cause when we’re doing our thing with the wheels don’t stop.

hello everyone it’s michelle welcome to design fun today i’m going to tell you about my e-designs that i’m now offering on my website if you are struggling to decorate a room or finish decorating a room or if you’re just trying to turn your.

House into a home i’d love to help you design and decorate your space the e-designs are super affordable and very easy you will get a full 3d design of your room as well as home decor suggestions furniture suggestions and i can also do color schemes if you don’t already have.

One now to get an e-design it’s an easy three step process first you will fill out the form on the website step two you will upload your pictures of your space and step three is just wait to receive your 3d e-design within seven business.

Days so head over to the website so you can get started with your first e-design today

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