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Rishi Sunak, in London, on October 24. DAN KITWOOD /GETTY IMAGES VIA AFP Riche Sunak After David Cameron, Theresa May, Boris Johnson and Liz Truss, here is Rishi Sunak. Former budget minister, the 42-year-old man became, on October 25, the fifth conservative prime minister of the country since 2010. He also became on this occasion the first person of Indian origin and Hindu faith to occupy the job. Similarly, before him, no banker from Goldman Sachs, who is moreover almost a billionaire (the fortune of his couple is estimated at 850 million euros), had ever moved to 10 Downing Street. You can not stop progress. The truth is tailor Monday, when leaving his home to join the headquarters of his party and learn his official appointment, Rishi Sunak wore a navy suit, straight, two buttons, too tight. Great classic. Except that Sunak’s costumes are signed Henry Herbert – a traditional tailor at prices inaccessible to the majority of Her Majesty’s subjects – which is causing a stir across the Channel. In defense, some hail his loyalty to English know-how. Why, however, frequent a tailor if it is to wear a suit as badly cut as low-end ready-to-wear? Read also: Benzema plays it like Tupac: it may be a detail for you… Hole in the budget That day, Rishi Sunak had put on a pair of shoes which the opinion has also already heard of. Indeed, these Prada shoes, worth 700 euros, fed the perception that Sunak was disconnected from the reality of the English, without his supporters being able to evoke here the defense of English craftsmanship. Let’s content ourselves with a simple observation that looks like a recommendation: the sole of the Prime Minister’s Prada appears to have holes in this image, which reminds everyone of the importance of having rubber pads placed on their leather soles… Love wrist In this photo, there is also a red bracelet on the right wrist of the former Chancellor of the Exchequer. A coquetry that hides others, the man enjoys wearing a multitude of fancy bracelets generally very unsavory from an aesthetic point of view. But, if his detractors like to see in it a culpable frivolity, they cannot, this time, brandish the argument of financial disconnection: Rishi Sunak’s bracelets are the work of his two daughters. Real estate trip Finally, note that at this time, Rishi Sunak was leaving his London residence, in the Kensington district. In this case, a five-bedroom house, with private garden, with an estimated value of 7.6 million euros. This property completes a real estate portfolio comprising a spacious apartment in another London district, a vast property in Yorkshire, and a house in Santa Monica (United States). For the first time, a man with a house in California becomes British Prime Minister. We definitely can’t stop progress. Find here all the chronicles “It may be a detail for you”. Marc Beaugé (Magazine)

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