The singer María Isabel reveals in the ‘Deluxe’ what happened to the MONEY she earned as a girl

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What happened to the fortune she earned as a child prodigy? María Isabel has spoken openly in ‘Sábado Deluxe’ about the fortune she pocketed after winning ‘Junior Eurovision’ and the boom of ‘Before dead than simple’


María Isabel has sat down on ‘Sábado Deluxe’ to talk about her pregnancy, her career and how she is after retiring from music due to anxiety. The almost 28-year-old Andalusian has barely been sitting for a few minutes on the set of the program hosted by Jorge Javier Vázquez after a very intense and controversial night but has left several very sweet headlines. For example, what has happened to her with the fortune she earned as a child?


Maria Isabel is 6 months pregnant and will give birth to her first baby next February, a girl who is expected to be born on Valentine’s Day. Jorge Javier has asked him about the name they will give the little girl: “We don’t know, we like several. I like Jimena, I like María, Lucía is also a name that I like… But as I repeat the names, they go ceasing to like it, I think that when I see his face I will make up my mind. I will not name her Valentina because she is born on February 14, it is very typical!” Said the singer with a laugh.

As for how she is carrying the pregnancy, she acknowledges that she is having a pretty bad time. “After the pregnancy that I’m going through that I’ve been vomiting for 6 months, childbirth is the least of my worries,” she explained.

María Isabel talks about her childhood and the money she earned

“Thanks to my parents, who were there managing everything, I had no problem. I would have wanted more, but many things were not done,” said María Isabel when asked if she has suffered, like many other child prodigies, some kind problems with their contracts or money. “I won the Junior Eurovision and it was a boom. They closed the shops when they went, but I lived a fairly normal childhood. During the week I went to school and on weekends and vacations I went on tour,” she explained, clarifying that her cache for being a girl was not less than that of other stars.

Lydia Lozano has asked him about the caches of that time and if he made a lot of money. The Andalusian artist has explained that she is very clear about the money that is in her account and without going into amounts, she has said: “I earned a lot of money because when you work you earn money. I live very well”. The collaborators of the ‘Deluxe’ have asked her if her parents managed her money or reserved everything for her when she was already an adult and her answer has been clear: “Thanks to my parents today I have a solved life”. “That is, you made a fortune,” Lydia Lozano replied.

Little or nothing remains of that perky little girl who fell in love with half the world with her ‘Before dead than simple’. The years have passed and this young Andalusian, 27, decided to retire from the world of music a year ago due to the different episodes of anxiety that it caused her. Now, she has explained that her priority is her girl. “When I’m a mom I want to enjoy being a mom. Then I’ll see if I come back or not.” As for whether he would represent Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest after his smash hit for the junior version, he hasn’t thought about it at the moment, but who knows what could happen in the future.

Life smiles at María Isabel

The 27-year-old artist can’t wait to hold her baby. She is a girl who will fill her family with happiness and who unites her even more with her boyfriend, the influencer Jesús Marchena, with whom she is engaged. Jesús proposed to María Isabel during a trip to the Maldives and although the ‘yes, I want’ was immediate on the day of the wedding, she will have to wait. For now, the priority of both is their daughter who will enter the world in three months. What greater happiness and union than this!

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