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IFSB1 | risk management for IFS
IFSB2 | capital adequacy IFS
IFSB3 | corporate governance IFS
IFSB4 | disclosures for IFS
IFSB5 | supervisory review process IFS
IFSB6 | principles on governance for islamic collective investment schemes
IFSB7 | CAR for sukuk, securitizations and real estate investment
IFSB8 | Takaful Governance Standard
IFSB9 | Guiding Principles on Conduct of Business
IFSB10 | Shariah Governance
IFSB11 | Standard on Solvency Requirements for Takaful (Islamic Insurance) Undertakings
IFSB12 | Guiding Principles on Liquidity Risk Management
IFSB13 | Guiding Principles on Stress Testing
IFSB14 | Risk Management for Takāful Undertakings
IFSB15 | Revised Capital Adequacy
IFSB16 | Revised Supervisory Review Process_March 2014
IFSB17 | Core Principles for Islamic Finance Regulation (Banking Segment)

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